I’m a designer working at the intersection of design and strategy with experience in Product Design, UX and Service Design.

I like to identify and tackle complex challenges. From designing how might we travel to making products people use everyday better to considering the many implications of design decisions. I'm excited by systems, change and emerging tech.

My approach is
to keep learning new things. I'm passionate about turning problems and needs into opportunities, empowering teams and diverse perspectives, using design to enable positive change in behaviours and getting things done.

I’ve worked with organisations in health, finance, fashion, travel, retail and media, such as Babylon Health, Memrise, HS2, BBC, Santander, Barclays, Metro Bank and the Department of Health.

My work has been shown at several exhibitions, including at the V&A London and featured on TED, BBC, Motherboard, Dezeen, Creative Applications.

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