Connected Retail:
Designing for customers and staff with in‑store analytics

As a lead Product and UX designer, I worked on creating a connected environment where retail clients could explore the possibilities of emerging technologies combined with in-store analytics to better understand how these opportunities integrate with their business needs.

I worked with a cross-functional team of data scientists, strategists, developers and IOT specialists.

The prototype store was tried out by major retailers, including Apple.

Project by Deloitte Digital

Our shopping behaviours and habits are changing. A customer shopping journey can now start anywhere and anytime, but nearly 90% of total retail sales still happen in a physical store.

Using a range of enabling technologies and in-store analytics combined with a user-centric approach, we created a series of journeys. We brought the store to life following a customer and a store assistant.

Smartphones are now part of the customer in-store shopping journey, making the use of multiple channels to help customers and staff find the information they need easier (in-store and beyond).

Through a connected environment, we explored and prototyped ways retailers are able to generate insights about their customers and boost productivity across an entire service. 

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