Drone Aviary:

A future city network of autonomous machines

The Drone Aviary looks at the social, political and cultural potential of drone technology as it enters our civil space and explores a world where the ‘network’, consisting of collected and aggregated data, begins to gain physical autonomy.

What we did
  • We displayed The Drone Aviary in 2015 at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, followed by several other exhibitions globally.
  • We created a film and an installation of a family of 5 drones to provoke discussion on topics such as facial recognition, artificial intelligence, real-time news generation, surveillance and people profiling.

Project by Superflux
Commissioned by Arts Council England

What it is about
We created future scenarios where drones become protagonists, moving through the city, making autonomous decisions and influencing our lives in often opaque yet profound ways.

I worked as a designer—bringing our stories and concepts to life through data visualisation, drone interfaces, illustration and other supporting materials.

Each drone is designed with a specific purpose, tasks and functions. These machines are able to amass and utilise large amounts of citizen data while being used for purposes of advertising, news reporting, law enforcement and social media.

Who has access and controls the data? How are decisions made by these autonomous, but also inevitably clumsy and fragile machines?

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